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  • 1977

    In a garage, far, far away

    Techniclean Supply begins in Roland Fussell's garage in Furze Platt Road. Maidenhead.

  • 1984

    Chemistry set

    Test tubes at the ready, we bring in our own chemist, who starts formulating our own brilliant cleaning products. This is the Tecman range that our customers know and love to this day.

  • 1985

    Growing up

    All Roland's sons are now part of team Techniclean, and we're doing so well, we have to pack up and move to a bigger base, hidden away on the Cordwallis Industrial Estate in sunny Maidenhead.

  • 1986

    Launch the fleet

    Onwards and upwards! More hands on deck are needed to keep with demand (some of these fresh young recruits are still working with us today), and our first fleet of delivery vehicles are ready to roll.

  • 1988

    Two places at once

    Our customers love us so much that we have to open a second hub in High Wycombe to keep up with demand.

  • 1990

    The magnificent six

    Our trusty fleet of vans hits the hallowed half-dozen mark.

  • 1994

    SB12 is launched

    SB12, one of the original formulations created by the founder of Techniclean and is one of our best sellers today. SB represents ‘Spray Buff’ and 12 represents the number of attempts to get the right formulation for the most effective product.

  • 1998

    Order of the day

    Always innovating, we launch our new state-of-the-art order management and stock control system to streamline our process and every customer experience. You're welcome.

  • 2004

    Under one roof

    Moving again! Further expansion sees us combine all our services and showrooms together in an even bigger premises in High Wycombe.

  • 2007

    Changing Hands

    Roland Fussell finally moves on, passing Techniclean to new owner Charlie Ker, making us part of Orthene Holdings – but our dedication to delivering excellence every day remains...

  • 2011

    Under new management

    Nico is now responsible for the overall management of the business.

  • 2012

    Over Andover

    And we keep on growing! As the Olympic year got in full swing, we opened an office and warehouse in Andover and acquired Lowermart.

  • 2013

    Paper chase

    A new addition to our Tecman range – paper goods, from toilet paper to paper towels. Whatever you're after, we're on a roll.

  • 2014

    On trak

    Another new innovation: we launch Tectrak, a new online management portal for cleaning and hygiene supplies.

  • 2015

    Swindon calling

    And the empire keeps growing, Techniclean recieves a number of important industry ISO accreditations and opens a brand new office in Swindon.

  • 2016

    Good things in store

    We launch Tecstore, making stock management and supply smarter and simpler than ever.