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Our Promise

"To deliver excellence for a cleaner, brighter world."

To fulfil our promise, the dedicated Techniclean Team have become ‘Cleanologists’! Now, I bet your thinking, what on earth is a Cleanologist and what does Cleanology mean?

Cleanology is the philosophy at the heart of Techniclean. It runs through everything we do, from the products we supply to the service we deliver. From the moment we leap out of bed in the early hours of each morning, to the moment our head touches the pillow each night, we live, eat, sleep, talk, and walk Cleanology. It marks us every step of the way and in everything we do.

The following 5 values are what marks a Cleanologist and why our clients love us:

Cleanologists are Honest - We have built a solid reputation because we deliver what we promise and never commit to anything we can’t fulfil.
Cleanologists are Dependable - We strive to do things right first time, every time, maintaining consistency in the service we provide.
Cleanologists are Dedicated - We take pride in delighting customers through our exceptional service, for us it’s about delivering solutions, not just supplies.
Cleanologists are Effective - Our effectiveness goes beyond the products we sell. It’s the sum of everything we know and do, because if we are effective, our clients can be too.
Cleanologists are Innovative - We embrace change from the start, always looking to the future to seek out new ways to stay ahead.