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Key contacts

We love keeping our customers happy, and we're proud to provide more then great products and superb solutions - we also build relationships to make sure you're happy with us every time.

Nico Matley

Managing Director

Nico's in charge of overall management of the business, so he's always seeking out new opportunities for growth and works hard to make Techniclean even more efficient every day.

Carmen Matley

Executive Assistant

Grant Barry

Operations Manager

Grant inspires the Sales team, focused on delivering the highest level of customer service. He works tirelessly to make the most of every opportunity.

Jesse Long

Sales Manager

Karen Saunders

Key Account Manager

Karen makes sure life's effortless for you, every step of the way. Handling enquiries, sourcing products, resolving issues, raising quotes, sharing information – it's all in a day's work.

Shai Palmer

Key Account Manager

Shai is a fantastic asset to the Techniclean team. Processing orders left right and centre, and helping out with day-to-day tasks. If you call us, there’s a high chance she will be the first to grab the phone! Offering superlative support is second nature to Shai.

Lyndsey Tucker


Lyndsey makes sure all our money stuff is running smoothly. Always happy to help, she loves getting to know you better and also loves a nice orderly routine, with everything in its place.

Darren Johnson

Warehouse Manager

Darren loves to keep our warehouse running smoothly. He has heaps of experience and a knack for making sure every order gets to you safely, delivering unbeatable customer service every day.

Terry Saunders

Showroom Manager

If you've ordered something from Techniclean, the chances are our Terry has helped speed it on its way. With over 25 years' experience at Techniclean, Terry's quite the expert.

Kevin Welland

Despatch Operative

Kev's helpfulness and positivity is unbelievably infectious keeping the atmosphere in the warehouse buzzing. Kevin makes sure that goods are picked accurately and on time, every time. He also makes sure our fleet of van drivers are loaded up and ready to roll at whatever hour of the day.

David Steel

Despatch Operative

David is in charge of the unpacking and packing of all our products from when they arrive from our factory to when they're picked and packaged and sent off to our customers. David keeps a tight hand over the stock accuracy making sure we always have the products you need in store. David; The Man of Steel.