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#cleanology is the philosophy at the heart of Techniclean. It runs through everything we do - including our blog where you get the latest product hints, tips and updates on Techniclean, direct from our resident cleanologists.

How to clean your safety floors


Correct and thorough cleaning is an essential part of floor maintenance to ensure your safety floor is kept safe and clean throughout its life. Providing a clean and hygienic environment is one thing, but effective cleaning also has a vital role to play in ensuring your floor continues to perform to the expected standards.

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A day in the office can be bad for your health!


Many of us in the past may have had the rare thought about how clean our work areas actually are before the kettle finishes boiling and we’re off to make another round. However this thought actually stuck with marketing manager Ruud Linders of Viking; an international office supplies company and here’s what he found..

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Worst hotel chain in the UK revealed as it comes bottom in satisfaction survey for second time


Hello again to all our loyal readers and followers, some of you may remember a post we published a while back with some shocking statistics on how 80% of Britons would leave there Hotel room if it wasn't clean enough. Following a recent hotel survey, 1 particular chain of hotels stood out or being notoriously bad. Britannia hotels.

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10 Amazing hacks and uses for bleach


When people think of Bleach, their first though is generally sticking it down a toilet, but it has many other uses around the home. Many housekeepers have bleach as a standard item in their cleaning arsenal.

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80% of Britons would leave their hotel if it wasn't clean enough!!!


Research conducted by facilities and building maintenance Specialist, Direct365, has found that 80% of people would leave a hotel if it didn’t meet their hygiene and cleanliness expectations.

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