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#cleanology is the philosophy at the heart of Techniclean. It runs through everything we do - including our blog where you get the latest product hints, tips and updates on Techniclean, direct from our resident cleanologists.

10 Myths about scrubber dryers...


Share these Myth Busters!

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Toilet tissue paves the way!


Used toilet paper is being processed in the Netherlands and repurposed as cycle paths.

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Banknotes harbour thousands of bacteria...


Ever thought that banknotes actually carry the most germs?

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Hospital floors reclassified as "critical" areas!


Floors have often been thought to be the most unlikely spread of infection, but that may now be wrong...

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No handshake?


The modern fist-bump could now be the norm...

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Unger Stingray


UNGER Stingray System, the most efficient indoor cleaning tool EVER!

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NHS wastes billions on overpriced hospital supplies and services!!!


In April, a new study claimed that an epidemic of waste costs the NHS up to £7.6 billion every year.

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Is this the worlds oldest Nilfisk?


With over 110 years of history, Nilfisk has complete confidence in the quality, reliability and durability of its product range. To put this confidence to the test the company recently ran a competition to find the oldest working Nilfisk cleaning machine with the winner receiving a new equivalent Nilfisk cleaning machine from the 2017 range as a replacement.

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The benefits of using microfibers


Microfiber technology may be the most significant product innovation to the cleaning industry in the last century. It’s a quick and easy switch toward helping preserve environmental resources.

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Hot or not? Hot-desking offices have dirtier desks, study finds


Study by Initial Washroom Hygiene finds microbiological activity is 18 per cent higher in hot-desking office environments.

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