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erGO! clean floor cleaning kit Pocketmop PRO

At Techniclean we source new and innovative products that we feel are beneficial to our clients. This new mopping solution brought out by Unger is designed to get the most out of your cleaning staff by saving time and reducing the risk of problems. 

Discover the intuitive S-shape motion with minimal effort: the ultra-fast erGO! clean floor cleaning system.
Intuitive s-shape motion with minimal effort required.

  • Ready-to-use at any time and anywhere
  • No lenghty preparation, such as filling buckets, required
  • Cleaning chemicals can be replaced in a matter of seconds
  • Increased productivity with fatigue-free work
  • Reduces the extreme strain placed upon employees and prevents work-related musculoskeletal diseases
  • Significantly less effort required for use
  • First-class materials guaranteeing a long service life
  • Robust tool for long-term use
  • Sophisticated product design for intuitive handling


Published on: 18/01/2018



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