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10 myths about scrubber dryers

There are many myths and different opinions about the benefits and drawbacks of scrubber dryers, we found this useful article which may clear up a few things for you:

1 – Its not worth it for a small space:

In reality, you’d need to be cleaning a very small space – sub 20m² – before this statement would be true. Scrubber dryers can be picked up for as little as 70p per day. As compact and easy to use a domestic upright vacuum cleaner, entry level models such as Karcher’s BR 30/4 C are quick and easy to transport and take up no more floor space than a mop and bucket in your janitorial cupboard. If you need to tackle mid-sized yet cluttered or awkward shaped areas, check out models with F1 – inspired KART ‘steering wheel’ design for 200° head turning and excellent corner cleaning.

2 – Its better to use a hose or pressure washer:

While it may be common practise in changing rooms, poolside, and even in the food industry, cleaning with a hose or pressure washer won’t remove excess moisture afterwards, which leaves areas out of bounds for far longer than necessary. Instead of a scrubber dryer that dries as it goes, hosing and washing down requires waiting for longer if cold water has been used. This places the onus on operators to cordon off their work area as a slip hazard and return to remove signage promptly once the area has dried. For this reason, if you do need to wash down walls and equipment, its worth considering using a scrubber dryer in tandem to dry out the floor for faster reuse.

3 – You can’t use them on textured flooring:

Actually, you can clean all sorts of unexpected floor types with the right roller or disc head, including flagstones, textured safety flooring (there’s a special hi-low roller for this), and even carpet and parquet with care. Look for models with easy, tool-free disc/roller change to make your machine work even harder for you, multitasking with different floor types and levels of soiling.

4 – They’re complicated to use:

Although the machines are incorporating more and more sophisticated technology, they’re also becoming simpler to use. For example, EASY-operation provides a one-turn switch for all functions, with no need for extensive training. Karcher’s unique KIK (Karcher Intelligent Key) can determine settings – including travel speed, brush speed, detergent control, and even language settings (17 languages are currently available). Programmable per floor type operator specific, this can give considerable whole life cost savings and minimise the risk of user error.

5 – You need mains power:

Modern battery technology has revolutionised the scrubber dryer landscape. New lithium-ion batteries are lighter, last longer and charge faster that their predecessors for cable-free cleaning of even large expanses. They’ve also paved the way for more compact solutions, reduced machine weight and better economics – making solutions more effective than ever before, as well as providing longer cleaning windows due to quiet running and discreet appearance.

6 – You can’t use them outside:

Combination machines which sweep, scrub and dry in a single pass are perfect for outdoor use, where they tackle leaves litter and other small debris as well as tyre marks and spills. Karcher’s B300 RI has been earning reputation for itself tackling cap parks, stadia and distribution centre yards with ease since its launch last year – the machine can cover up to 16,550m²/hour, despite its comparatively small 1755mm working width.

7 – They’re expensive:

By selecting your scrubber dryer size according to the size of area you need to clean, you can be confident you’ll see a return on your investment through productivity savings that more than outweigh your upfront investment. Karcher’s new micro ride-on, the BD 50/70 R Classic, has been designed especially for the cost conscious to bridge the step up into the ride-on class. It delivers 2500m²/hour performance, despite being just 590mm wide – and all for the price tag of walk-behind. Finance and lease packages are also available and can help unlock productivity savings straight away without upfront investment. Karcher is currently offering six months repayment free on many of its scrubber dryers and sweepers, allowing customers to clean now, pay later (see www.karcher.co.uk/cleannow). For lifetime savings, consider optional extras such as detergent dosing, autofill and autorinse, which deliver rapid payback. Likewise, choose a machine that features an eco-mode and you’ll be saving energy, water and detergent consumption during less intensive cleaning tasks. With the added benefit of extended run times on battery models, quieter operation and – in the case of most Karcher models over 40 litres – you may also be able to claim 100% first year tax relief under the government’s Water Efficient Technology ECA scheme (www.kaercher.com/uk/ECA for details.

8 – You can do just as well with a mop and bucker:

Traditional wet mopping may seem like a low-cost method of floor cleaning, but it only ever skims the surface being cleaned and over time can actually cost many times more than investing in floor cleaning machines through lost efficiency. Area coverage with a mop is 465m²/hour versus 900m² with the smallest scrubber dryer – before factoring in additional drying time. Moreover emptying, filling and moving of open mop buckets poses a health risk to operators. Besides the extra time taken to clean floors effectively, mop and bucket cleaning leaves floors wet, encouraging bacteria to spread and creating slip hazards.

9 – My floor is clean:

Modern floor coverings are specially designed not to show the dirt. It doesn’t mean they aren’t dirty. Owners often become blind to the accumulated dirt on their floors as its such a gradual, incremental build up – indeed the famous Karcher ‘white stripe demo’ often leaves customers incredulous having not seen the original colour of their flooring for so long (and the colour of the water in the dirty tank is another tell-tale sign)

10 – You don’t need them on a new floor:

Many flooring manufactures now recommend using scrubber dryers as part of your cleaning and maintenance programme to help protect your flooring investment, preserving its appearance, lifespan and slip resistance. This time of year, in particular, mud and salt begin to be traipsed in from entranceways requiring more frequent cleaning attention to prevent lasing damage. Whether its been too long between cleans or poor cleaning practise, such as leaving excess detergent residue, a dirty or wet floor loses its slip resistant properties and can cause new dirt to bind to the floor faster. Left untreated, many spills and deposits can cause long term stains and degradation – such as cracked lino – that are either costly or impossible to remove. If you do find your floor is no longer looking as new as it once was, thanks to their easy configuration options, most Karcher machines used to perform daily maintenance cleaning can also be used for deep cleaning and restorative care too. To find out how Karcher can make a difference to the efficiency, productivity and cleanliness of your business, visit www.karcher.co.uk/professional



Published on: 01/12/2017



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