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#cleanology is the philosophy at the heart of Techniclean. It runs through everything we do - including our blog where you get the latest product hints, tips and updates on Techniclean, direct from our resident cleanologists.

UK wipes ban?


Wet wipes could be outlawed in the UK as the government plans to address the issue of plastic waste.

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Could futuristic glass chimneys clean up London's air?


London students have come up with a lava lamp-style chimney designed to remove toxic particles from the city's most polluted streets.

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94% wouldn't stop somebody from dropping litter in the street


Would you face up to a litter lout?

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Tokyo introduces self cleaning toilets


Tokyo restrooms becoming self-cleaning before 2020 Olympics.

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Poor washroom odour damages business reputation...


A new study released by Initial Washroom Hygiene has examined the state of air care in public and office washrooms, and the wide-ranging implications this can have on businesses.

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Large numbers of people are shunning public toilets, survey reveals


Almost a third of UK adults are willing to spend money in a café as an excuse to visit the facilities, a new study has revealed...

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The dirtiest places in an airport...


Kiosks, gate bench armrests and water fountain buttons!

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The new S-Class!


Feel the intuitive motion.

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Faecal bacteria found in ice at Costa, Caffe Nero and Starbucks


Ice from three major coffee chains in the UK has been found to contain faecal bacteria.

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New textile keeps hospital door handles germ-free


A brand new self-disinfecting substance...

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